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SES was established as a limited company in 2011 having previously operated as a sole trader entity since 2002. The company which has grown in size and reputation is now the supplier of choice for multiple consultancies and organisations in the renewable and environmental sectors. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet project demands, small and large scale, in a timely and professional manner.

DL pic.jpg

David is the founder and director of the company and he is also the director of Hebridean Adventures. By delivering projects on time, on budget and to a high professional standard David has enabled the company to grow in stature and reputation throughout the years. He has a specific interest in offshore ecology,

Neil Robertson
Operations Manager

Neil is a highly experienced ornithologist with a passion for upland species.

In addition to conducting field surveys Neil also manages survey resources, client relations, staffing and recruitment.

Garry Riddoch
Senior Ecologist

Garry is a very experienced and versatile ecologist, specialising in birds, onshore mammal surveys and all aspects of fieldwork management.  He is an ESAS accredited offshore bird surveyor and has carried out various high profile Environmental/Ecological Clerk of Works positions on a range of different types of construction.

Ice 17 87 me and oyc at Holt.jpg
Julie Murray

Julie has worked on a wide range of projects in both conservation and the commercial sector. With
a particular interest in ornithology and upland ecology, she has extensive experience of pre- and
post- development bird and habitat surveys, peatland restoration and protected mammal surveys.
Julie is also a CSCS card holder and has worked as Ecological Clerk of Works on various projects in
the Highlands.

Paul Stagg

Paul is a highly skilled and knowledgeable ecologist, having many years experience carrying out a broad range of surveys across a variety of habitats around the UK. As well as being a keen ornithologist Paul has considerable knowledge of botany, freshwater and terrestrial invertebrates and habitat restoration.

Paul is also very experienced in peatland monitoring methodologies.

Janice Duke

Janice is an experienced and versatile ornithologist. She is familiar with a wide range of species, habitats and survey methods, with a particular interest in peatland birds and raptors. 

Janice also plays a key role in peer reviewing all data prior to it being sent to our clients.

Stagfire website profile photo Matt Ball
Matt Ballingham

Matt has worked on a variety of onshore and marine infrastructure projects across Scotland in his role as an Environmental Clerk of Works.  He has a BSc in Environmental Protection from Edinburgh University.

Matt's years of experience within the construction industry, prior to working as an ECoW, provide the additional benefits of understanding the competing demands of delivering a project on time and within budget whilst ensuring the environmental requirements of the project are complied with.

Jude Picture.jpg
Jude Dinham-Price

Jude is a very knowledgeable field ecologist, having worked on a variety of conservation projects from Dartmoor up to the Scottish Highlands. This has allowed him to gain a great understanding of survey methodology and field observations for a range of habitats and species. He has a particular passion for upland ecology, spending as much time as possible in this landscape

Blair J.jpg
Blair Johnston

Blair is a knowledgeable and skilled ornithologist. He has contributed to a wide variety of conservation projects in and around the Highlands.  As well as being a keen ornithologist, Blair has a considerable knowledge and passion for the Scottish uplands and is close to completing his Mountain Leader Qualification.

Angus Croudace.jpg
Angus Croudace


Originally hailing from a background in Earth Sciences, Angus is hugely interested in the Scottish landscape. He is an extremely passionate ornithologist with experience working for both consultancies and NGOs, and has also spent several autumns monitoring migration at Lundy Bird Observatory. With a skillset spanning a broad array of upland roles, he also has experience undertaking habitat surveys and peatland restoration fieldwork.

Gordon Campbell profile pic.jpg
Gordon Campbell

With a previous career as a Falconer and Aviculturist as well as working in conservation projects such as Sicilian Rock partidge in Sicily, Vultures in Nepal and Lesser Kestrel breeding in Bulgaria, Gordon has the hands on experience of working with Raptors from all over the world. His well received presentation to The Hunter Bird Observers group in Australia epitomise his dedication to dissemination of knowledge regarding conservation issues here in Scotland.

Kate Mennie Photo.jpg
Kate Mennie

Kate is a very experienced ornithologist and a keen nature lover. After doing ranger work and wildlife guiding locally for the past few years her passion lies in studying breeding birds, especially birds of prey and feels most comfortable out in the wilderness or sharing her knowledge with others.

Georgia photo.JPG
Georgia Platt

Georgia is a skilled and passionate ornithologist with a wide range of experience, having spent four consecutive seasons working as Ranger and Assistant Warden at
Fair Isle Bird Observatory, monitoring spring and autumn bird migration as well as working closely with the isle’s breeding seabirds. She is also a keen bird ringer, with hands on experience in working with a huge variety of species.

Caitlin Street Photo.jpg
Caitlin Street

Having studied wildlife conservation and ecology at university, Caitlin's real passion lies with ornithology. With experience in a wide range of conservation projects, from working at the Scottish Ornithologists' Club, to participating in data collection for the BTO. Caitlin is excited to launch her career in ornithology and build her knowledge and experience in the field.

Poppy Hole Image.jpeg
Poppy Hole

Poppy has spent her career so far working in conservation in the Scottish Highlands. She has well rounded experience in practical conservation, wildlife guiding and survey work that extends from ornithology to peatland monitoring. She spends most of her spare time in the Scottish uplands and has a passion for their birdlife and ecology.

Stagbio Tim.JPG
Tim Viney

Having recently gained a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Studies Tim has been encouraged to follow his interest in British wildlife. He has a broad experience in practical conservation and surveying with knowledge of INNS, Water Voles and is a GCN licence holder. He now looks forward to pursuing his particular interest in ornithology and progressing with his career in ecology.

Robin Searle Image_edited.jpg
Robin Searle

Robin has been involved with the creation and management of protected areas in upland and peatland
habitats within the UK, involving many years of survey experience including birds, invertebrates,
mammals and vegetation surveys. As a skilled ornithologist Robin’s primary interest is birds, a passion he
has pursued across the world having been fortunate to work as a wildlife guide in places such as SE Asia,
Africa and Australia.

SES employ staff both on a permanent and contract basis to fulfil our survey needs. We have  a network of staff who are highly experienced in both terrestrial and marine ecology.

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