SES was established as a limited company in 2011 having previously operated as a sole trader entity since 2002. The company which has grown in size and reputation is now the supplier of choice for multiple consultancies and organisations in the renewable and environmental sectors. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet project demands, small and large scale, in a timely and professional manner.

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David Lambie

David is the founder and director of the company and he is also the director of Hebridean Adventures. By delivering projects on time, on budget and to a high professional standard David has enabled the company to grow in stature and reputation throughout the years. He has a specific interest in offshore ecology,

Neil Robertson
Operations Manager

Neil is a highly experienced ornithologist with experience of delivering client survey needs throughout the UK and Ireland.

In addition to conducting field surveys Neil also manages all company survey efforts and resources across projects that are running simultaneously.

Garry Riddoch
Senior Ecologist

Garry is a very experienced and versatile ecologist, specialising in birds, onshore mammal surveys and all aspects of fieldwork management.  He is an ESAS accredited offshore bird surveyor and has carried out various high profile Environmental/Ecological Clerk of Works positions on a range of different types of construction.

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Julie Murray

Julie has worked on a wide range of projects in both conservation and the commercial sector. With
a particular interest in ornithology and upland ecology, she has extensive experience of pre- and
post- development bird and habitat surveys, peatland restoration and protected mammal surveys.
Julie is also a CSCS card holder and has worked as Ecological Clerk of Works on various projects in
the Highlands.

Paul Stagg

Paul is a highly skilled and knowledgeable ecologist, having many years experience carrying out a broad range of surveys across a variety of habitats around the UK. As well as being a keen ornithologist Paul has considerable knowledge of botany, freshwater and terrestrial invertebrates and habitat restoration.

Janice Duke

Janice is an experienced and versatile ornithologist. She is familiar with a wide range of species, habitats and survey methods, with a particular interest in peatland birds and raptors. 

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Matt Ballingham

Matt has worked on a variety of onshore and marine infrastructure projects across Scotland in his role as an Environmental Clerk of Works.  He has a BSc in Environmental Protection from Edinburgh University.

Matt's years of experience within the construction industry, prior to working as an ECoW, provide the additional benefits of understanding the competing demands of delivering a project on time and within budget whilst ensuring the environmental requirements of the project are complied with.

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Chris Thelier

Chris is an experienced ecologist and has worked across a broad range of projects in the conservation and commercial sectors. He has extensive knowledge of upland ecology, peatland restoration, and U.K ornithology, as well as a wealth of experience with bird, mammal and vegetation surveys. Holding an MSc in Ecology and sustainability, he has also designed and conducted novel rare invertebrate research within the Highlands. 

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Morwenna Moore

Morwenna is an accomplished ecologist with wide ranging skills. She has extensive experience in peatland ecology and entomology. She specialises in upland bird surveys and is also experienced in bat ecology and surveying and she has worked in a range of habitats throughout the UK. Morwenna is also skilled in the use of GIS and has recently acquired her MSc in Ecology and sustainability.

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David Stone

David is an ecologist with a range of ornithological and ecological survey experience. He has also provided Ecological Clerk of Works services on a number of large-scale renewable energy projects across Scotland. David has an MSci. in Zoology and is an affiliate researcher at the University of Glasgow, with research interests spanning a breadth of topics including behavioural and physiological ecology, and wildlife conservation.

SES employ staff both on a permanent and contract basis to fulfil our survey needs. We have  a network of staff who are highly experienced in both terrestrial and marine ecology.