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  • Neil Robertson

Winter Track Conditions Hold No Fear....

Over the winter season even the worst of the snowy weather couldn’t stop Stagfire surveyors accessing our remotest of VPs. We were able to travel to the parts of our sites that even pick-ups and land rovers won’t by employing our versatile Polaris ATV vehicle. The versatility of these vehicles to travel over difficult open terrain and on rugged estate tracks meant that surveys could continue and bird behaviour could be sampled even in the toughest of conditions.

Staff are trained in the use of ATV vehicles by attending courses such as those run by European ATV Safety Institute (EASI) to ensure we are employing the highest safety standards.

Gaining access to these remote locations can have its rewards, as we were treated to some spectacular eagle sightings. The birds can’t stop hunting in the cold winter weather so we can’t stop surveying!

Post by Garry Riddoch

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